What a whirlwind!

Hi guys,

I have had the most hectic, exciting two weeks ever! Not only did I launch my Cook Clean With Kate Cookbook, but I also managed to fit in a cheeky four days in Ibiza! I know I can hear you say ‘what, again?’, but I just can’t keep away.

After the buzz of Ibiza during the school summer holidays, this lovely island was much quieter than in August. I was lucky enough to meet up with Mirella Ingamells, and for those of you who don’t know, Mirella is a down-to-earth specialist physique and lifestyle coach – in 2014 she took 2nd place in the World Championships in Las Vegas. I gave her a copy of my book, and I hope that she will use some of the recipes when she’s not counting macros for fitness competitions!

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So, Sunday saw me finally signing copies of my book for all the clean eating fans that came along to the launch – this was held at Rio Bar in Leigh-on-Sea. I was blown away by the number of people who came, and it goes without saying that I want to say a VERY big thank you to all of you. I signed a lot of books, and with many people speaking to me at the same time I started panicking that if I didn’t concentrate I would stupidly write ‘Happy Christmas’ instead of ‘Happy Cooking’! I know you are thinking that it wouldn’t have surprised anyone, but luckily I didn’t! My usual photographer, Stacey from Pixie & Willow was away on the day of my launch, but fortunately Anna Southgate stepped in and took some lovely shots. Thanks Anna!

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Photograph by Anna Southgate

I will be running a competition to win a book, but I’ve been a bit slow on the whole social media front as the lovely Sarah who helps me do all that ‘techy’ stuff has just had a baby boy. Congratulations to Sarah! If you are reading this, I can’t wait to get you back on board, and ‘Team CCWK’ hopes that the sleepless nights get better really soon :)

I have been a bit quiet on the recipe-sharing front over the last couple of weeks, so today I’m delighted to give you all my recipe for Chicken Satay – this will be included in my second book. Yes, you did hear that right! I’ve got the bug and I am planning ‘Book 2’, but please don’t tell my husband just yet as he’s still getting over the stress of me writing the first one.

This recipe can be prepared well in advance, and you can even freeze them. If you serve these to guests they will love you forever, and they are delicious served with Pad Thai Noodles – you can find a recipe for these in my new cookbook.

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If you still haven’t got a copy of my book and would like to try cooking my delicious and clean-eating recipes for yourself, then please click here. If you live locally to Southend-On-Sea, message me through my Facebook page or email me on hello@cookcleanwithkate.com to arrange collection or delivery.

Have a great week guys,

Love Kate x

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Chicken Satay

Photo 14-07-2015 08 12 14

By admin Published: September 25, 2015

  • Yield: Serves 4

These are delicious, and for the best possible taste you should marinade them on the day before you wish to eat them if you have time. They are ideal cooked on the barbeque, as long as your coals are not too hot. Don’t forget to soak your wooden skewers in cold water for at least half an hour before you are going to cook these - weigh them down or they will float to the top of the bowl! Why not serve these with my Pad Thai Noodles from the new Cook Clean With Kate cookbook?



  1. In a food processor, whizz up all of the ingredients for the marinade with 1-2 tablespoons of warm water to make a paste.
  2. Cut the chicken breasts into squares that are slightly larger than bite-size (they will shrink during cooking), and thread them onto the soaked skewers.
  3. Place the skewers into a roasting tin and cover with one half of the marinade, and set them aside until you are ready to cook. At this point, you can leave them for up to 24 hours to marinate.
  4. Pre-heat your oven to 170 °C.
  5. Bring the prepared skewers back to room temperature, and then cook them in the oven for approximately 15-20 minutes depending on the thickness of the pieces, turning halfway through the cooking time.
  6. Serve with the left over marinade on the side as a dipping sauce.