Spring 2014

‘I have been following Kate’s Kitchen on Facebook for a while and loved the look of all the yummy recipes posted on there regularly. A friend of mine had completed the two week detox in January and said she felt great and she looked it too. I had let my eating habits get really bad and I needed to get back on track so I signed up for the detox in May.

We had our first meeting and Kate was very informative. We were given a book with some lovely recipes in it and any other information relating to the detox. I found this part fantastic. It was so easy for me to work out what I wanted to eat and what I needed to fill my cupboards with. During the detox I tried foods that I would never have tried before. Everything is fresh and organic. I just found it very easy to cut out the foods that I thought would be impossible.

I would highly recommend this detox to anyone. The recipes are fantastic, Kate is very supportive and gives you advice throughout the two week detox. I lost a total of 4 pounds and inches from my waist, hips and thighs. My husband who is a type 1 diabetic lost 11 pounds and his sugar levels have been fantastic. He has not had to pick up a jelly sweet since to raise his sugar levels which is a first since I have known him.

I feel fantastic now. My skin feels healthier and I generally feel healthier and energized all round. Having spent a week on holiday I managed to pretty much stick to the healthy eating. It’s just so easy. Thanks Kate’s Kitchen xx’


I have always been what I would class a ‘healthy eater’ but had been slacking more and more and saw my weight start to creep up.  I already followed Kate’s Kitchen on Facebook and, with summer just around the corner, when I saw the Detox course on there I thought it might just be the kick start I needed.  I was initially a little nervous, but my friend also signed up (which meant I HAD to go!) although I need not have worried.

Kate immediately put me at ease upon meeting her.  She is very friendly and approachable – I never felt like I couldn’t text or message her to ask a question if I needed support during the two weeks.

Her enthusiasm and willingness to share her knowledge was great.  The course was fully explained at the first meeting – what we could and couldn’t eat, what substitutes were available and better for us, where to buy things etc.  – and we were all given a useful booklet to take away which re-iterated what she had said at the meeting and contained some great recipes too (my fav is the chicken cacciatore!).

We were asked to keep a food diary, which I found helped me to focus on my food choices.  Kate weighed us in after a week and then again at the final meeting.

I would definitely recommend the Detox course.  I achieved a weight loss of 8lbs, which I was delighted with, and I also have more energy and just ‘feel better’.  Eating ‘clean’ is not as hard as I first thought it would be and it has changed the way me, and my family, eat.


Hi everyone, this is my blog on ‘Cleaning Eating’ with Kate Sandat.

I met Kate through a friend who did the detox last year who raved about it. She referred me to her FB Page & I joined & bought the Jan detox package which was £50! Bargain!

I had already decided from the 1st Jan to cut out carbs of all kinds, so bread, pasta, rice, crisps & not to drink alcohol & exercise twice a week, so when the detox came out that started on the 13/1/13 I was already in the right frame of mind.

I went along to the meeting in Leigh on my own which I was quite apprehensive about to be honest as didn’t know what to expect & didn’t know anyone, but on arriving & meeting Kate she made me feel at ease & very welcome.

The first session of the 3 part course was to walk through the ‘rules’ of the detox (yes there are rules I’m afraid) & grasp & understand Kate’s methodology & why this was going to work. Kate also discussed alternatives that you could have for breakfast, lunch at dinner & showed us lots of products that she uses on a daily basis, most of which supermarkets sell (Waitrose) & Green’s the Health Shop in Leigh. Plus she shared some of her fabulous recipes & yes we all got weighed & measured but this was done on a 121 basis & away from everyone else so don’t panic!

The main rules are:

No Alcohol!

No Caffeine, so tea & coffee

No Grains, so rice, pasta, bread

No Sugar! No fizzy drinks.

No Dairy, so milk, cheeses.

When I told people about what I was doing & what I couldn’t have they were like ”well what are you eating” which is what you’re all now thinking right?

Well this was a typical day for me -

Breakfast, 2 organic eggs scrambled with no milk of butter with 2 rashers of grilled bacon & half an avocado mashed with chilli flakes & lemon juice. Sometimes I would change the avocado for organic mushrooms or tinned organic tomatoes OR I would have 1 of Kate’s shakes which consisted of the shake mix, almond milk, frozen berries, half an avocado & handful of pistachios.

Lunch, would usually be Salmon or Chicken on top of spinach leaves, spring onion & fresh tomatoes making my own dressing using organic olive oil & balsamic vinegar, pepper & salt.

Dinner, I would choose one of Kate’s gorgeous clean eating recipes from the book we were given, this was fun & kept meal times exciting cooking so etching new every night. This usually consisted of fish or chicken & vegetables or homemade curries. Refer to Kate’s Page for her delicious recipes.

To drink I lived on peppermint tea, water – still & sparkling with lemon & ice.

I’m a stickler for rules & don’t like cheating & so I was adamant I wanted to keep to this 100%, after all it’s only 2 weeks of your life!! & I wanted results!

After listening to Kate for 1.5 hours I have to say I was pumped up & ready to go for it & found her very inspirational. I’ve never been one to diet as don’t believe in it plus love my food too much & so does Kate! Plus, I know it’s an old saying but it’s true “you are what you eat”.

I found it very interesting as I had actually done at college a sports science course, so understanding the body & how it processes things is something I knew a lot about, so as Kate was talking it was making sense. It’s easy to grasp anyway but I could understand the science behind it.

The second part was a weigh-in which was done at Kate’s house to ensure we were on track, thought this was good idea as gave me a focus point. Kate was always at hand via text throughout the whole course & always answered my questions & gave advice along the way.

The third part of the course was to discuss how we got on so measurements & weighing, plus she spoke for about 1 hour on the 80/20 rule & what we could start introducing.

Again this was very beneficial & I am still adopting some of the changes now.

I.e. not cooking with olive oil as when heated in turns rancid & the body finds it hard to digest, use coconut oil or organic butter.

Use coconut milk instead of milk.

Stick to organic products where possible.

Use Rye or Spelt loaves instead of normal bread as the body finds it easier to digest & if I have tea or coffee which is very rare now, use decaf where possible.

80/20 just means that 80% of the time you follow the rules & 20% of the time you’re naughty so maybe eating out or a treat of something you love or you’ve missed.

I don’t believe in being good all week then pigging out at the weekend as this doesn’t work just use the 80/20 rule daily so most of the day your good i.e. 80% of the time, then do something naughty ie the 20% each day. This way it’s spread out in smaller quantities & your body can deal with it & you don’t feel deprived!

My results within 2.5 weeks was I lost a stone in total which I was thrilled about. I’ve never been a large person I’m more of your hour glass figure & 5ft 7″, but wanted to feel better in myself & shed a few pounds as had a holiday in turkey coming up!

All this for £50 I would definitely recommend Kate’s Clean Eating Course to anyone who wants to change, lose weight, feel fabulous & has willpower & the desire to change your ways, this is not a diet but a change in lifestyle. It worked for me & I believe it can work for everyone!

The other great news is that I’m currently pregnant & believe that conceiving so quickly was assisted by getting my body right inside & out.

Go on give Kate a call!!

Thanks for listening