Bring the Bacon Home

Photo 23-11-2015 21 43 22

Hi guys, Sorry this blog post is way overdue! I have been working extra extra hard trying to get my Christmas e-book ready for you in time for the big day. Well, good news … I’ve done it! I’m super proud of it and can’t wait to share some of my favourite clean-eating must haves [...]

Crafting With Kate

Helping Immy with her arts project.

Hi guys, Another full-on week, but this time I’ve changed my role from cooking to participating in my worst hobby ever – arts and crafts! My children’s school had a two-day art workshop for the younger children, where they had to design a 3D sea life display for the assembly hall wall. Parents were allowed [...]

14-Hour Chicken Broth For A Leaky Gut

10 hour chicken broth

Continuing with my leaky gut fix regime, I am currently obsessed with my 14-hour chicken soup which is apparently the best thing you can eat when your gut lining needs repairing.  I’ve often heard people saying that they need chicken soup when they have flu or are poorly, but I never realized that it was [...]

Food Battle! Juice and Similar ‘Health’ Drinks Vs Healthy Eating

Food battle v2

Juicing and meal replacements are becoming very popular these days and I’m always interested to discuss this type of nutrition with the people that I meet. Having been in the fitness industry for the past 13 years, I can honestly say that the way towards better health and weight loss is purely through clean eating. [...]