De-tox-cember is coming!

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Hi guys,

Now we all know December is the start of the silly season, and everyone eats and drinks way too much as social activities increase for most of us in the build up to the big day!  By New Year’s Day, when you can’t fit into your jeans and the scales are saying you are a little bit heavier, we all have a moment when we beat ourselves up and say:

‘I’m not doing that next year, Christmas is only for two days and not four weeks…ppfftt!’

Fear not everyone! This year I am running a 14-day weight loss/detox programme, starting on Tuesday 3rd November at 7.45pm. It’s for two weeks only, which means that you can enjoy the month of December and still get to all of your Christmas parties. I guarantee that this weight loss course will make you so much more focused and aware of what you are eating and drinking that the excess calorie consumption that usually occurs during December simply won’t happen this year.

Once you have dropped a few pounds and can see a flatter tummy, you will be so proud of your results that you will not want to regress and undo all of your hard work. With your ‘thinking hat’ on, remembering what you have learned through your two-week detox, you will have the mindset to maintain the weight loss from my plan.

So, if you’re reading this and thinking that you are one of those people that has little willpower and needs a kick-start, then email me at to sign up for this 14-day plan – the price is £80. You need to be available on Tuesday 3rd November, Tuesday 10th November and Tuesday 17th November in the evening.

The turkey may be getting fatter at Christmas, but it doesn’t mean that you should be!

Love Kate x

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